What’s stopping you from doing what you know you need to do?

I run a course called Board of Directors. Business owners join me for two days every three months and we go deep on their businesses, and their own personal psychology.

I am passionate that every business needs to have a really focussed strategic plan, therefore everyone in the Board is requested to create one.

One person in Board, who has a lot of experience, has resisted. For years. But in the last quarter they have created one and now they are the business plan evangelist and their energy for their business has skyrocketed.

This could have happened years ago, but it didn’t.

I take some responsibility for this, clearly the way I showed up as the Chair didn’t drive the necessary change. I realised that I hadn’t diagnosed why the person didn’t create the plan.

There is something really important that you need to do, that you are resisting. You know what it is.

So what’s stopping you? Is it:

  • Fear

  • Lack of knowledge

  • Lack of belief

  • Uncertainty about the next step

  • Etc.

Diagnose the reason you aren’t progressing first, then address that to make progress.

It’s worth it.

You might even become an evangelist!