Professionals have coaches, amateurs don’t. Even the very best can’t see themselves swing.”
— Sam Hazledine

Because of his personal, family, and business priorities, Sam works a just one group of business leaders in Board of Directors. 

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to work with the Ernst & young – Young Entrepreneur of the Year to create success on your terms in your business and personal life.  


Board of Directors (BOD) 

BOD is a unique opportunity to have Sam as the Chair or your personal advisory board of like-minded business owners.  

BOD meets quarterly in Queenstown, New Zealand, and to participate you must be committed to taking your business to the next level. 

It is different from a standard Board because it covers not just your business; Sam will ensure that it dives to the root cause of any challenge and will address the psychology as well as the mechanics. 

Results are driven by Actions, which are driven by Behaviours, which are driven by Beliefs. BOD will ensure that all four are serving you.  

You will also receive Sam’s second, as yet unpublished book,  MASTERY, and a self-directed video program to master the essential disciplines to create success in business.  

Business owners in BOD strive for sustainable and ongoing success, not just the one-off wins so many businesses achieve. 

This is a yearly commitment: 

  • Quarterly meetings in Queenstown

  • Weekly Board Buddy calls 

  • Access to Sam via email and phone  

Investment: $23,997 per annum 

(Payment plans available)  

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