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Sam will share the difference between a good culture and a high performance culture, and through his own experience he will share the three steps to take any business, not matter how poor the culture, and create a high performance culture that attracts and retains top performers. 



Why do 96% of businesses ultimately fail? Why do less than 0.4% ever exceed $10M in revenue? Ernst and Young – Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Sam has created the fastest growing service business in the country and has been able to replicate that success across multiple businesses and industries. Sam will share the three foundations that are a requirement to compete with much larger competitors and create and sustain a successful business. 



If you are bringing a new product to market then you can either take the slow route, or you can accelerate the diffusion of innovation and grow sales faster. In this presentation, Sam will share practical steps sales people can take to diagnose who they are selling to and adjust their sales pitch to increase the chances of making the sale.  


Whole Life Health
for Medical Professionals

Sam addresses the simple hidden problem that exists in the medical industry and shares simple and effective solutions to effectively address it. Ideally he runs this as a full day course to dive in to the three main areas of life that health professionals need to master, and he teaches the one skill that is required to make consistent progress and to live a fulfilling life.  


We all define success differently, it is personal to each of us, but creating success in any area of life follows a set of rules. In this talk Sam shares the three steps he used to become a doctor, become the New Zealand extreme ski champion, create the fastest-growing service business in the country, and create a happy family. The audience will be inspired, entertained and compelled to action. 


Happiness and Fulfilment  

‘Fanatical Balance’ is a term Sam coined to describe how he has learned to create success in his health, his family and his business. The audience will be inspired to create excellence in what’s important and will learn why ‘balance’ is not the goal. They will also learn actionable tools to apply this in their lives. 


Goal Achievement

Why are people sometimes successful at achieving goals and sometimes not? Sam has been intrigued by this for years and has studied multiple goal-setting methodologies. He has developed a methodology that he believes is the most effective goal-setting method available, and he can take an audience through this process. This is a great session to fire up a team and get them focused on exciting goals and to believe in themselves to achieve them.  



If your business is going through a major change, then the mindset of your people is critical to ensuring this change is a success. In this presentation, Sam will help shift the mindset of the audience to be ready and willing to embrace the change. 

The charisma and passion with which you delivered your presentation was inspiring and enlightening, and left a clear impression on my sailors.

Following your presentation, I know there will be sailors who have changed their mind-set, become hungrier for success and determined their current situation to determine to change.
— Rear Admiral Jack Steer

ONZM, Chief of Navy, New Zealand


Watch: Sam Hazledine - Keynote Speaker


What people who have heard sam speak say

This blew my mind and stuck with me all weekend.
There seemed to be such a positive response to your presentation and many of the comments in the evaluation mentioned your presentation as a highlight for many at the Forum.
One of the best speakers I have come across – I took a lot away from what Sam had to offer – Inspirational and motivational.
Truly motivational speaker on a personal and professional level. If you can dream it – you can be it. If you can imagine it – you can become it. Sam – you are inspirational!

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