Really, really well done Sam. You have made a difference to our profession.
— Dr Steven Child

President New Zealand Medical Association

In 2006 Dr Sam Hazledine noticed that many his medical school classmates where disillusioned with the profession and were leaving it. He hypothesised that medicine hadn’t evolved to cater to a new generation of doctors and as a result they were leaving the profession. Sam set up MedRecruit simply to help doctors create a lifestyle in medicine, because he thought that if they enjoyed their work and life they’d be better doctors. He later set up MedCapital, to help doctors make money worries a thing of the past, and MedWorld, to celebrate exceptional doctors and share their success strategies.  

MedRecruit grew quickly and in 2009 was named the fastest growing service business in the country in the Deloitte Fast 50. Over the years Sam has been exposed to thousands of doctors and he uncovered what he calls medicine’s “dirty little secret.” 

Most doctors are overstressed, and over half are experiencing burnout. We are in a crisis. But that’s not even the worst of it. 

Studies show that stress causes depersonalization, emotional disconnection with our patients, and depersonalization leads to increases in major medical errors.

Despite first, do no harm underpinning who we are as doctors, the way we are being as doctors is harming our patients. 

Declaration of Geneva Evolution 


In 2015, Sam began lobbying the World Medical Association to amend the Declaration of Geneva, our modern-day Hippocratic Oath, to include the health and wellbeing of doctors. In October 2016, the WMA invited Sam to present at their Annual General Assembly, and a draft change to the Declaration of Geneva was met with unanimous approval. It is now undergoing public consultation with the view of being ratified at the Annual General Assembly in October 2017.

This is a huge leap forward for the medical profession because it officially recognises the link between the health and wellbeing of the doctor and their ability to practice good medicine.

Whole Life Health - Conference 


Acknowledging the need for doctors to take care of themselves is the first step, the next step is much more challenging; what to do about it?

Dr Hazledine and his team are running a one day conference for doctors to master the eight evidence-based core skills that his research uncovered that doctors who are thriving practice, and to learn the master skill of creating momentum in the areas of their life that matter.

This conference is provided at no charge to select Royal Colleges by adding it on to their annual conferences, to help them roll out an effective program to help their doctors master wellbeing.

After the conference, Doctors then can access a self-paced online program, a wellbeing website and app, group couching and individual coaching; whatever they need to master their own health and wellbeing.

To enquire about booking Sam and his team for your conference, please fill in this form. 

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