What you measure you improve, but what you automate you improve consistently

I was spending time with a friend recently who has built a huge multi-national business. We were talking about life and business, and then we got on to health and he said something very interesting…

“What you don’t automate in your life, won’t happen.”

This hit me like a freight train.

I apply this in my business with absolute rigour.

But when it comes to my health I have relied on self-discipline.

This works, but it comes at a cost doesn’t it? Because there’s only so much self-discipline one person can have, and it takes energy.

So, I’m implementing this in my life:

  • Instead of making any decisions on what to eat I’m having a nutritionist develop me a diet and map out the whole week, then I’m either having the food made for me or delivered

  • Instead of deciding what exercise to do, it’s now all locked in for every week of the year so there’s no more decision making

  • And I’ve been through all the little things I don’t like doing, and I’ve engaged people to do them

What are you doing in your life that you could automate?

Trust me, the brain space it frees up is worth it.