Don’t worry about it… everything is getting solved!

This week I attended Peter Diamandis’ technology event, Abundance 360.

I was blown away.

We think that technology has changed things in the past decade, but that is going to be nothing compared to the next decade.

The reason… technology is exponential, not linear. As humans we think in a linear fashion, but we struggle to think exponentially.

If I were to say to you, “Imagine taking 30 steps in that direction,” then you’d have a pretty good idea where you’d end up, right?

Now, if I were to say, “Take one step, then two steps, then four steps, and so on, doubling the number of steps 30 times, then where would you end up?”

I bet you wouldn’t say you’d go around the world 24 times! Even though that’s the correct answer.

Technology is exponential, and we are just now reaching the knee of the curve. We think technology has impacted our lives over the past decade, but that is only scratching the surface of what is going to happen in the coming decade with AI and deep learning in particular.

Regarding the impoverished, I am optimistic that the tech is creating a world of abundance. Energy as an example, solar is now cheaper than fossil fuels at 4c/kwh, and that is likely to get down to 1c/kwh. Abundant power will lead to an abundance of fresh water, which is a huge cause of morbidity, and combine that with vertical hydroponic farming and now food is abundant.

With first 3D printing, then nanotechnology, we will be able to take raw elements and create products easily and cheaply, so we will have material abundance.

And medicine is transforming too. With gene therapy and nanotechnology, I truly think we will get to a point where disease is a choice within 20 years.

We will be using tech to solve the great problems of the world; poverty, hunger and disease. I am very optimistic.

And my question to you…

What are you doing to educate yourself and prepare your business? My guess is that over 50% of businesses around now won’t be around in ten years. The ones that are will either develop the technology or adopt the technology first.

Putting your head in the sand is not an option if you want to be around in 2028.