What are you excited about?

2018 offers up unlimited opportunity for each of us.

That’s right, unlimited.

The biggest restrictions we have are not the external ones placed on us by the world, they are the internal ones that we place upon ourselves.

“I am too X.”

“I don’t have enough Y.”

“If I only had Z I could do it.”

Most of these restrictions are fear-based. We place them upon ourselves to stay in our comfort zones. Because, it’s scary outside of your comfort zone, isn’t it?

So why do we stay inside our comfort zones? Ultimately it’s to avoid failure isn’t it? We ask ourselves the question, “What can I achieve safely?” because while we have wants, we also want to play it safe.

But here’s the thing, everything you truly want that you don’t already have lies outside your comfort zone. Think about it, if you really wanted something that was inside your comfort zone then you’d already have it. So, staying in your comfort zone is a guaranteed way of failing.

Our comfort zones are magnetic; they pull us into them. So, how do we get ourselves outside of our comfort zones?

If your comfort zone has a power to keep you there, then you need a greater power to get outside of it.

Ask a better question, get a better answer.

As you move into a new year, I’d encourage you to simply ask yourself the question, “What would excite me?”

“What would excite me?” invariably sets your sites way outside your comfort zone, but because you’re excited about it, because you’re fired up about it, because you engage yourself at a soul level through asking the question, you are infinitely more like to take action to break the hold of your comfort zone and to step into the unknown.

The unknown, where everything you want but that you don’t already have lives.

The unknown, where opportunity is unlimited.

It takes courage to ask yourself, “What would excite me?”, and to answer it honestly.

But it’s worth it, don’t you think?