Sometimes ‘giving up’ is the best course of action

 “When is it giving up, and when is it changing direction?” is a question I get asked a lot.

There is no simple answer.

But to make it clearer, it is important to distinguish between end-goals and means-goals.

End-goals are what we’re ultimately aiming for; how we want to contribute, how we want to grow, what we want to experience, who we want to become. This is the big stuff.

Means-goals are the vehicles that get us there; jobs, money, achievements, businesses etc.

Deciding on whether to ‘give up’ on something is much easier when you are clear on this distinction.

Only when you know the end goal, can you identify a better vehicle and ‘give up’ on a current vehicle. This is a strategic decision that can help you get where you want faster.

But if you’re ‘giving up’ on the end-goal, then this requires much deeper soul-searching.

Are you giving up because you’re tired, because it got too hard, because you don’t know the next move? Or have you learned something and you have truly evolved your end-goal? This is a mindset issue.

Be committed to the end, but flexible in the approach.