Leverage is about getting the highest output from a given input.

I believe ‘leverage’ should be the mantra of the leader of any organisation, and I think we should constantly challenge ourselves to see if we are getting the maximum leverage possible.

A couple of years ago I was wondering how I could impact the maximum possible change on the world. My initial thoughts were, “You’re doing enough through the companies you run, it’s all good.”

And this satisfied me, for a while.

I kept pondering it, and at one point my musing got me thinking that if I could impact the wellbeing of every doctor on the planet, then that would impact the life of every person on earth.

Great! Now how to do it?

The Declaration of Geneva is our modern day Hippocratic Oath; it sets out the values that doctors must live by. It is an honourable thing, but it is not comprehensive but it says nothing of doctor wellbeing.

I had my answer! If I could help cause an amendment to the Declaration of Geneva to formally acknowledge doctor wellbeing, then our profession would have to take notice, and over time we wold become a better profession, delivering better healthcare, and that would positively impact the life of every person on earth.


I researched, I started a petition, I campaigned, and I was invited to speak to the World Medical Association at their General Assembly in Taiwan recently.

And they are currently reviewing the Declaration of Geneva considering this amendment.

Think big. Think leverage. Then challenge yourself to think bigger.

We can all change the world.