Does money lead to happiness?

“Oh fuck.”


Is what I thought about two years ago when in a moment I actually realised that money doesn’t lead to happiness.


Sure, we’ve all been told this. But does a young entrepreneur really believe it? Or is this a lesson some of us have to learn experientially?


I’d worked my ass off for a long time to get my income to a level that I was happy with; I had the house and car I wanted, and I found myself thinking about another car I wanted.


That’s when I caught myself.


Delaying my happiness to an event in the future.


It’s tempting to do, because it takes the responsibility off being happy now.


And there’s always another ‘thing’ to get.


I’m glad I realised at the age of 36 that delaying happiness for a future event is a hiding to nothing.


Because I’ve got a lot more years to work on being as happy as I know how in the moment.