There are three types of people…

Recently I’ve been getting somewhat tired of all the people on Facebook claiming to be ‘Kings’, and ‘Lions’. You know the ones, generally they write it in CAPITALS. The ones for whom Facebook has become a platform to feed their narcissism, where they can chest beat and get comments like, ‘on it brother #thebeast’, ‘beautiful’, ‘amazing, ‘inspirational’ (real comments). They are missing the point that there are actually three types of people:

  • Sheep
  • Wolves
  • Sheep dogs

Most people are sheep, they need to be led, they follow. That’s OK. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Some people are wolves. Wolves chest beat, they prey on the sheep; these are the majority of ‘lions’ and ‘kings’ on Facebook.

And some people, the rare ones, are sheep dogs. They protect the sheep, they lead them, they make sure they are OK.

What are you? And what do you want to be?

Don’t mistake chest beating for self worth, making big claims for inspiration, dominance for leadership.

They aren’t.