Does mindset always precede action?

Results come from actions, which are driven by behaviours, which are driven by mindset. I have subscribed to this wholeheartedly now for years; get the mindset right and the rest takes care of itself I’ve always believed. But what if you’ve tried many things and the mindset isn’t coming right? What if self-confidence isn’t there, what if you don’t believe you can do it, what if you are so fearful you just won’t act?

Then perhaps it’s time to act first, because actions create results, and those results influence our beliefs.

I realise now that this isn’t a linear relationship; it’s a cycle.

You can start any point in the cycle, resultsactionsbehavioursbeliefs, and you can influence the other parts.

So if there’s something you are struggling to change, I’d encourage you, act now and create proof for a new mindset to emerge.