Listen to who you trust

A while ago I encouraged my daughter Zara not to listen to a friend who wanted her to do something that she didn’t feel good about.

“Trust yourself and listen to yourself,” I said to her.

It made perfect sense.

Then recently Zara didn’t want to take part in a ski camp that I knew she’d love and would be great for her skiing.

“I don’t want to do it, you told me to listen to myself,” she said to me.

She’s a sharp thinker!

The reality is that we need to listen to ourselves, but we also at times need to listen to others.

I guess the filter then is trust; listen to those you trust have both your best interests at heart AND have the knowledge to know what’s best.

They need to have both.

It’s a good lesson for kids, and for us older kids too.

(Zara’s loved the ski camp BTW as I knew she would!)