I’ve got 99 problems…

That’s not true is it? You’ve got way more than 99 problems. There are almost an infinite number of problems you can ‘have’, some within your ability to influence, some outside of it.

Therefore, having ‘problems’ becomes a choice about where we put our focus.

I can choose to focus on a problem, be it big or small, or I can choose to focus on something else.

I recently noted that while things were going really well in my life, I was getting myself worked up about something really small.

My mind found a problem that I could focus on and solve, not because I needed to solve it but because that’s how my mind is wired and rewarded.

I realised that problems are a choice about where I put my attention.

I haven’t nailed it yet, but I’m working on having ‘no problems’ a lot more of the time.