“He who stops being better stops being good.”

As a New Year rolls around at midnight tomorrow, it’s a time when people often reflect on the year that’s gone, and look forward to the year that’s coming up.

Or they just get drunk.

“How did I make this last year count?” is a great question to ask yourself.

What did you do well? Where did you make progress? How did you grow?

But also, what did you do poorly? Where was progress less than you’d hoped for? Where did you play small?

And the most important question; why was the progress not where it needed to be?

Remember, Results come from Actions, which are driven by Behaviours, which are shaped by our Mindset.

As you enter the New Year, what Mindset changes need to happen to make sure 2017 counts? To ensure you experience, grow and contribute at the level you desire?

It takes courage to stare your down your greatest fears. Are you ready for that?

(Here’s a video I shot a couple of years ago that walks you through a three-step process to master your income. While this particular video is focussed on income, you can make it work for anything. It’s pretty to the point so only watch it if you’re actually prepared to step it up. If you’d rather complain about all the external reasons you can’t have what you want, then go back to browsing Facebook.)