Price Vs. Cost

When I wanted to get fit I found the very best trainer I could. Price was no object. When I wanted a new software platform I found the best consultant to help us make the selection. Price was no object.

When I wanted our landscaping done I found the best landscaper. Price was no object.

Price was no object not because I don’t care about money, but because I care about results and I understand the opportunity cost of doing it wrong; the difference between price and cost.

In the past I downloaded an e-book and created a physical training program based on that. I trained four hours a week for six months with minimal results. The cost for the e-book was $49, the price was six months of wasted time. The $150/hr my trainer changes me once a month is cheap in comparison.

In the past I ran the project to select a new IT platform. We implemented one for about $150K that we then had to change. The $10K to get the right consultant this time is looking like a real bargain compared to the cost of getting it wrong.

In the past I got a cheap landscaper, then had to redo all his work. The extra 20% I pay now is looking like money well spent.

Shift your vision to focus on the objective, not just on the dollars you have to hand over at the start.