Strategy is not giving away free breakfasts

Google has a cafeteria and you can get free breakfast there if you work there. They also have pool tables and slides.

Google is also the biggest search engine in the world; they are a huge success.

I can’t tell you how many business owners I’ve talked to think that what they need to do to light up their business is get a pool table and give away free food.

This is mistaking correlation with causation.

Strategy must be built on identifying and solving a problem better than anyone else. Google’s competitive advantage doesn’t come from free breakfasts; it comes from solving the problem of making the almost limitless information that’s available more accessible in an accurate manner than anyone else.

Be smart, look for causation and don’t be fooled by correlation.

Or you might fall into the camp that blamed polio on ice cream because polio was more prevalent in summer, as is ice cream.