Fielding the best team

Most business resources talk about getting the right people on the bus, that it’s critical to field the best team to be successful. Great ideal, but how do you define great people?

I have developed a really simple framework.

C Players are people who you’re cleaning up after.

B Players are people who you are carrying.

A Players are people who put the wind in your sales.

In my experience C Players are easy to identify and to move on. It’s the B Players who you might not realise you’re carrying, until you are carrying too many. With B Players you’ll be feeling tired, staff management will be a real pain in the ass and you’ll probably have visions of setting up a business selling carved wood on the side of the road where you don’t have to deal with people.

With B Players I get clear on if they can be A Players and in what position they can be A Players, then I give them the chance and support to become A Players. If they can then great, if they can’t then I believe they are better elsewhere because I believe everyone wants to be exceptional and everyone can be in the right context,

In my business there is only room for A Players. Once I made this decision the business transformed, we attracted more A Players, and we grew exponentially.

Pulling off a Band Aid can be painful, but if you do it quickly it’s momentary pain and you feel better afterwards.

You get what you tolerate.