How much are you worth?

I see so much these days claiming the value you provide determines how much you earn. Facebook is a great repository of this ‘wisdom’.

It’s total BS.

Mother Theresa. Nelson Mandela. Ghandi. Massive value, low remuneration.

Remuneration = ((Value provided/Desirability) x Difficulty) x Strategy

If you want to earn more, yes you need to provide massive vale, but the more undesirable the work is and the harder it is will also determine what you earn, and finally you need to be strategic about it.

Consider Richie Macaw.

He provided New Zealand massive value. Tick.

His job was very desirable. Cross.

His job was very difficult. Tick.

He played rugby. Tick in the New Zealand context, cross in the world context.

Compare him to Steven Adams who chose basketball and will be earning twenty time what Richie earned.

Remember, it’s not just about value, that’s a fool’s way of looking at remuneration.