Don’t despair if you’re in ‘gestation’

If you’re a gardener then you know that you’d be crazy to plant seeds one day, then to return the next day and see no shoots and throw your hands up in despair, only to tear up the garden and replant.

And repeat the next day.

That’s obvious, right?

But that’s how life works too.

Results come from consistency, from nurturing a good idea over time.

Too many people start something new and don’t get immediate results/gratification so they move on to the next miracle pill.

And repeat…

The Law of Attraction is a popular idea that sells the idea that your thoughts can become things. It’s attractive because it sells that you don’t need to get off your ass, but it does people a disservice by not showing that it must be combined with the Law of Action and the Law of Gestation to be truly effective.

We don’t harvest in spring.

In the words of William Wallace, “HOLD!”