Planting seeds


“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

Warren Buffett

Thirty-seven years ago I was born into a family that instilled in me the belief that anything is possible.

Thirty years ago my grandfather gave me the idea that one day I might become a doctor.

Twenty years ago I decided that I would become a doctor.

Eighteen years ago I worked my ass off to get in to medical school.

Twelve years ago I sustained a life-threatening head injury that caused me to re-evaluate my life and its direction and up my game.

Eleven years ago I graduated as a doctor.

Ten years ago I started MedRecruit to evolve how doctors live and work.

Three years ago I began researching doctor wellbeing and the impact of stress on their practice.

Two years ago I set up MedWorld to promote doctor wellbeing, and MedCapital to help doctors master their wealth.

One year ago I began campaigning to evolve the Declaration of Geneva, our modern day Hippocratic Oath, to include the need for doctors to take care of themselves.

Last week I was asked by the World Medical Association to speak at their annual General Assembly in Taiwan to the working group tasked with reviewing the Declaration of Geneva.

Next week I’ll be speaking to them.

Then what? Will I play a part in evolving the principles of our profession and improving the delivery of healthcare from here on?

The position you are in today is not so much a result of what you do today, but rather it is a result of what you have done your entire life

If you want to be successful tomorrow, start today.