Success breeds complacency

A driven, smart, businessman I have been working with is doing exceptionally well. He’s increased revenue by over 60% in the last year largely due to one marketing stream. It’s awesome. I have been encouraging him to create a recurring revenue stream for over a year, but it hasn’t happened.

The law recently changed and he had some compliance work to do to stay operating, so he got it done.

One is a ‘should’, the other is a ‘must’.

We achieve our ‘musts’ and think about achieving our ‘shoulds.’

If his business wasn’t cranking, then the recurring revenue stream would have become a must.

But ‘should’ and ‘must’ are both in the mind, neither are actually real.

We turn a ‘should’ into a ‘must’ by upping the pain associated with something to make it intolerable.

And intolerable is all in the mind too.

It’s a choice.