Are you prepared to pay the price?

I have failed in one major goal in my life; to win a gold medal in Skier-X in the Winter Olympics. A few years ago I decided I wanted a gold medal in the Olympics. I had been the national champ in Skier-X so decided this was how I would win one.

I started training:

  • Four days a week in the gym
  • Three mornings a week up the mountain

I started competing.

I was competitive, but not the best.

I realised that while I wanted the outcome, I wasn’t prepared to pay the price. I was ten years older than the other competitors, so if I wanted to win I had to out-work and out-train them.

But, in my life my family and business still came before the gold medal quest.

I realised that to be the best in the world that outcome had to come first, and that meant nearly full time training and four months overseas competing each year. That meant I had to step back from my business and play a smaller part in my young family’s life.

That price wasn’t tolerable. The price was higher than the reward. So I stopped the quest.

It’s more important to determine if you are prepared to pay the price than whether you want the outcome.

You want a million dollar a year income? Are you prepared to pay the price?

You want a cut body with massive energy? Are you prepared to pay the price?

You want an incredible relationship with your partner and kids? Are you prepared to pay the price?

In the words of Bon Jovi, “Just like freedom nothing’s free.”