Ask a better question…

Get a better answer.

Our mind is programmed to answer the questions we ask of it.

What colour is the sky?

Even if you tried, you couldn’t help but think of ‘blue’ could you?

So, what questions are you asking yourself day in and day out? And are they serving you?

If we spend our time asking things like ‘why do I always fail?’, ‘why won’t it work out for me?’ or ‘what have I done wrong?’… Then the answers are not going to serve us.

What if instead you were to ask ‘why am I certain to make this a success?’, ‘how can I make this work out for me?’, ‘what am I doing really well?’…

I am thrilled to see the progress we are making in Queenstown. We have asked questions like ‘how do we ease traffic congestion?’ and we are slowly getting fixes.

But I still think we need to zoom out and answer the question, ‘what do we want to become?’

What is the target that we are aiming for? What are the ‘fixes’ moving us towards?

“If a man knows not what harbour he seeks, any wind is the right wind.” Seneca.

I’m still not sure we 100% know what harbour we are seeking. 

When building a business strategy, you need three things; a vision, a diagnosis, and a governing approach.

The vision of the business is the target you’re aiming for, the diagnosis is the problem that is in the way, and the governing approach is the overall way you are going to solve that problem.

Without a vision you might be solving problems, but for what? Are they problems that need solving? Could solving those problems actually make the situation worse?

Bad entrepreneurs shoot then paint a target around the hole in the wall and say “that’s what I was aiming for.” Good entrepreneurs paint the target, aim and then shoot.

Ask a better question, get a better answer. Paint a target that moves you in a direction you want to go in.