It depends on which way you cut it

My brother is about to get married in London. Obviously, I’m heading over for the wedding, but I am on a flight out the next day to get back to run a wellbeing conference for doctors, three days after the wedding.

To do this I’m missing the extended family trip that follows the wedding.

I’ve received a fair bit of criticism for this, for prioritising work over family, and I can see that perspective.

I can also see that running a wellbeing conference for doctors has a compounding effect on both the doctors who attend and their future patients who are treated by doctors in a better head space.

Obviously, I placed more importance on the second situation, so I’m doing the conference.

Life is a series of choices. You could equally say, life is a series of compromises. Rarely will we please everyone, so I don’t think we should try to.

If we let our purpose guide our decisions then I think we’ll generally get it right.