Insecurity… it’s not all bad

Almost everyone I know who has achieved greatness in something, be that business, sports, the arts, they all began their journey to escape something.

Generally, it’s a feeling of not feeling enough.

But instead of letting this insecurity break them, they use it as a fuel to drive them.

We do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure, so a driver to avoid pain is more likely to get you moving than a driver to gain something you want.

Essentially, insecurity is often what it takes to gain traction.

However, insecurity also has its dark side too.

In my experience, ‘successful’ people who remain driven by insecurity end up miserable, sad, isolated.

So maybe the key to success is to accept insecurity as a driver early on, to use it to fuel us, but to remain aware of when that story has run its course, then to change gears.

Feeling good in yourself is what it takes to sustain momentum and to be happy.

Perhaps we need both the dark and the light.