Head and Heart

In my life, I’ve spent a lot of time in my head.

I plan.

I consider.

I think.

It has served me well, but over the past few years I’ve known that it’s not enough; it’s too clinical, it misses something…

Recently I was privileged to meet one of the most inspirational people I have ever met, Sammy Clarke. She lives from her heart and makes decisions from her heart. Her words are aligned with her actions. Just being with her helped me to shift more into my heart.

So what have I learned?

  • The head contributes to the roadmap, but the heart is what creates the destination and provides the fuel to play the long game

  • Living from the heart means being clear on what matters, on your purpose, and making decisions and taking actions that are in total alignment, even if they aren’t easy

  • Decisions made from the head and the heart are far more likely to be empowering

  • The heart makes the tough decisions easier

  • The heart makes the right decisions obvious

Life can get filled up with the minutiae, but that’s not where life is found.

Life is found in the richness of living en pointe, of being on purpose, of staying true to your core.

Take a moment today and consider:

  • Why are you here?

  • What is your purpose?

  • Why does that matter?

  • Are you living in alignment with that purpose?

  • If not, what needs to change?

My heart hopes you take the time to do this.

Because it’s worth it.

Because you’re worth it.

(P.S. Follow Sammy on Instagram here, your heart will be glad you did.)

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