This past year has been tough in many ways.

My marriage ended.

Our cat died.

My cousin was killed.

When shit like that happens, it’s easy to wish that life were different. It’s human to wish this. It’s natural and probably unavoidable at the time.

But life isn’t different, so eventually we have to get to a point where we realise that wishing it were is pointless.

Certain things that are happening in my life are showing me the meaning behind some of those events.

I’ve realised that often we can’t know the meaning behind an event when we’re in it; it’s not until we emerge on the other side that we realise its importance.

So my advice to you if you’re in the middle of it; don’t worry if you can’t see the meaning now, know that it all happens for a reason and that reason will one day reveal itself to you if you are open to it.

Have faith.