Inspired or inferior?

Recently I met someone who inspired me to my very core; where they’ve come from, what they believe in, what they are doing, who they are, the integrity and courage they live with, the way they are living, the choices they are making, the trust they choose to live with…

And, this incredible person shared with me that in a way, they felt inferior to me because of my achievements.

But you know what? In a way I felt inferior to them because they’ve overcome far more than I ever have and they are living from their heart in such a beautiful and pure way.

But here’s the thing… we can choose to feel inferior to someone or we can choose to feel inspired.

To feel inferior we must make ourselves feel less than, we must stop believing in our limitless potential, and from that feeling of lack are we really going to show up at our best?

To feel inspired we allow that person to lift our sights, to show us what’s possible, to energise us, to see parts of ourselves that until now have lain dormant, and we allow ourselves to believe that it is possible for us.

Remember, we always have the choice…

I have chosen to be inspired.

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