Unfair Fight is launched

March 7, 2014, and Unfair Fight is launched. We launched it with a great launch party last night. Thank you to Mayor Tim Shadbolt, Mayor Vanessa van Uden, friends and family who came to support me and the book. The buzz around it tells me that people want to see small business owners successful, and I hope Unfair Fight becomes a great resource for them.

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Here's my launch speech. It's only me in shot so it looks like I'm talking to an empty room! There are a few pics at the end of our guests.

[leadplayer_vid id="5318F2D679EC1"]

As as a reminder, here's who all personal proceeds are going to; funding rescue missions to prevent children in East Africa becoming child soldiers, then housing, clothing and educating them to give them a chance.

17. 15 children saved







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