South Sudan rescue mission update

All proceeds from Unfair Fight are going towards the Hazledine Foundation's work in East Africa.

Currently we are funding rescue missions to get some orphaned children out of hell and into the safety of an orphanage run by Angels of East Africa, and Reverend Sam Childers.

After deciding to do this South Sudan descended into civil war, creating even more children in need of help.

Sam has run not one but  three rescue missions using the funding we provided.

The first mission rescued one boy called Simon. Simon is 17 and his mother was killed some years ago, his father was then killed in the past war, and his uncle who was looking after him was shot and killed in the Juba attacks in December; he was shot in the head in an execution. Can you even imagine what this young man has been through? When I look at my two daughters it’s incomprehensible that children are being subjected to this.

The only thing Simon took with him when he fled after his uncle was murdered was his schoolbooks and school bag. Simon wants to study medicine to become a doctor.

Below is an image of Simon with Sam Childers when he was first rescued, and the one where he’s covered in mud with the massive smile (he’s the second from the right in the yellow shorts) is after a few days in the orphanage making friends.

Simon is now in the orphanage in Kampala, he’s become close friends with another boy called Joseph who also wants to be a doctor, and he starts school next week in Princess Diana High School – Kampala, Uganda.

Seven more children arrived from a rescue yesterday, and we have another rescue mission happening next week where we hope to get out another ten children.

It’s easy to be over on this side of the world and just see the images on the news of what’s going on in East Africa and not associate with it because it’s so far from our reality. But this has reminded me that it is reality, it’s the reality of these children, and I am so grateful that we’ve been able to help a few of them.

So thank you to all the people buy Unfair Fight, because your money is making a real difference.

Simon with Sam

Simon with Sam

Simon is second from the right  - yellow shorts having fun with some of our also rescued older boys

Simon is second from the right – yellow shorts having fun with some of our also rescued older boys