“A game-changing book for small business owners.”
— Sir Michael Hill, Founder and Chairman of Michael Hill Jewellers, 2008 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year


Unfair Fight

Give Your Small Business the Winning Advantage


When David beat Goliath, he didn’t do it by being bigger and stronger, he did it by thinking differently and acting smarter. Unfair Fight is the blueprint for small and medium sized business owners to turn their perceived weaknesses into strengths.  

Most business books are put together by academics who have studied the large corporates, the Fortune 500 companies, and these ‘brute force’ strategies are completely ineffective for smaller companies without unlimited budgets, resources and manpower.  

Unfair Fight is unique in that Sam shares exactly what made him successful in business, both how he learned to direct his psychology and what he actually did create a company that featured in the Deloitte Fast 50 for four consecutive years. 

If you’ve felt like you can achieve more in your business then this is the way to do it.

“The cool thing is, I’m no different from anyone else. Anyone can apply these tools and strategies to create a business they can be really proud of”, says Sam Hazledine. 

Head First

The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Doctors


Sam’s vision with his medical recruitment company, MedRecruit, is to help doctors Be Exceptional. After working with thousands of doctors he began to notice common patterns that distinguished the doctors who really loved their work, and those for whom their career had become a struggle.

In Head First: The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Doctors Sam shares the core habits that the most successful, the most happy, the most fulfilled doctors, apply in their lives. You’ll see that these habits can easily be learned and applied.

 Many other professionals, outside of medicine, have also read this book and have benefitted immensely.

Just finished reading this book. WOW. I am tempted to give it to the professional sports people I work with because while it is designed for doctors Sam has laid out a blueprint for success for ANY area of life. I just hope the doctors who receive this book realise the power they have in their hands.

Take action on what you learn in this book FAST!
— Richard Petrie

Human Performance Coach,
ex New Zealand Cricket representative

The simple lessons along with the step by step instructions contained in this book are incredibly powerful. Their importance cannot be overstated. I have personally applied them and they absolutely work. They can help you create the career and life in medicine that you really want rather than a predetermined path set by generations of (often unhappy) doctors before us.
— Dr. Barney Montgomery

General Practitioner